Risk Management Consulting

Gradient Solutions has supported many clients handle risk in a variety of situations including the enterprise-level, departments and processes.  We can help in any of the areas listed below.

Enterprise and strategic risk focus

Gradient has developed methodologies for supporting the enterprise-level assessment of risk.  Our processes are designed to support leadership teams develop, grow, support, or transform their strategic objectives and goals.  Risk is an important aspect of strategy setting and the eventual execution of that strategy.  Do you regularly analyze risk as part of your strategy setting?  Have you adopted a risk framework like COSO ERM or ISO 31000?

Risk-Based internal controls and processes

Addressing risk is not simply driven at the enterprise-level.  Processes are designed to support the execution of organizational goals.  As such, processes should have a risk and objective based approach when designing and implementing objectives.  Gradient’s team has worked with many organizations to consider their internal controls and risks in key processes.  How often do you review risk at the process level?  Are your processes connected to strategic objectives?

Risk-based data analytics

Data analytics can help identify and handle risk areas from the enterprise-level to processes.  Any data analysis project should be focused on achieving objectives, which is naturally focused on risk.  Gradient’s team works with a variety of organizations to design risk-based data analytics projects from key revenue areas to important operational initiatives.  How can you better utilize data to achieve your objectives? 

ERM and Risk training

ERM implementation support

Enterprise risk assessments

Outflow data analytics including payroll, disbursements, vendors, and human resources

Fraud risk assessments

Department-based risk assessments

Risk workshops

IT security risk assessments (Gradient does not perform penetration testing)