Information Technology Consulting

Gradient Solutions has the skills and knowledge to help your Information Technology team understand, analyze, and mitigate important risks to your organization.  We can help in any of the areas listed below.

IT Organizational Assessments

In an industry that has been the genesis of so much change in the business world, it is now necessary for many managers in IT to rethink their own organizations. How can IT help business face the challenges of tomorrow? What staffing, technology, and process changes are needed to be effective in the new landscape of commoditized IT utilities? What challenges are likely to arise when retooling the IT function? Does the organization require external assistance to effect these changes?

Connecting Business, IT, and Data

The days of IT being disconnected from organizations’ business functions are long gone. Today’s IT team members need to have an understanding of general business principles, IT systems, and data analytics tools to properly apply any testing or procedure technique within IT.  In addition, operational managers must have a deeper understanding of IT’s potential to increase organizational productivity and security. Training and development in these areas will provide increased value to your stakeholders.

Automated Data Analytics

Data is always being created even outside of business hours.  Critical information systems monitoring is vital to the success of any organization.  Tools and techniques are available to provide ongoing, regimented data mining and analysis to help monitor key IT functions.  Most systems have some regular reporting and logs, but our tools help perform specific analysis of that data to visualize and alert on any specific issues identified.  Does your team currently have the capability to provide ongoing monitoring services as a value add to your organization?  How are you alerted of key issues in your IT operations?

IT governance

IT risk assessments

IT strategic planning

Vulnerability and configuration compliance scanning

Security policy and procedure analysis

IT general controls assessments

IT application controls assessment

IT management coaching