Fraud Services

Gradient Solutions supports clients in navigating the waters of fraud prevention, fraud detection, and fraud response.  We can help in any of the areas listed below.

Fraud Prevention

Gradient works with leadership teams to provide a variety of support options for fraud prevention including training staff on fraud awareness and potential schemes, considering internal controls in key areas where likely fraud could occur, and performing high-level fraud risk assessments throughout the organization.  Typically, these projects are designed around the current state of the organization’s governance, risk, and internal control structures.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection activities can be strengthened in numerous ways. In many cases, Gradient applies our data analysis skills to fraud detection utilizing software tools and techniques to look for unusual patterns or trends within an organization’s data. These data sets typically span all areas of an organization and are not limited to financial information. Fraud detection can also occur through a variety of other means including internal audit projects and the implementation of specific, ongoing management oversight and reporting.

Fraud Response

When a fraud does occur, Gradient is able to assist an organization’s leadership team in determining the next steps in the response process.  Every situation is different, but a structured and methodological response is in the best interest of the organization.  A fraud response plan may involve the need for a variety of our services including internal audit type methods, computer forensics, data analysis, IT system internal auditing, and other similar activities.  In many cases, Gradient likes to work with our clients (as part of the prevention step) to train and educate the leadership team on the stages and methods within a fraud response situation.

Fraud Risk Training

Fraud Risk Assessment

Internal Control Consultation of Fraud Reduction

IT Internal Control Consultation

Preventative and Detective Data Analysis

Fraud Response through Internal Investigation Support

Computer and Mobile Forensic Support