Data Analytics

Gradient Solutions has the skills and knowledge to assist your organization management team in executing a data analytics process to support your strategic and operating goals.  We can help in any of the areas listed below.

Specialized, Trained Data Analytics Team

Management teams need a specialized group of data analytics training and skills with deep finance and accounting knowledge to effectively add value to your stakeholders and improve your important fiduciary role.  Do you analyze data from all of your key areas? Do you review data using transactional, visualization, and GIS based techniques?  Adding specialized data analytics personnel to your arsenal will provide additional value.

Automated Data Analytics

Exceptions and risks don’t rest when you aren’t working.  Tools and techniques are available to provide ongoing, regimented information and tests to help monitor key business areas for issues.  Does your team currently have the capability to provide ongoing monitoring services as a value add to your organization?  Using automated data analytics can help your Finance and Accounting organization add value.

Supporting Key Decisions or Addressing Key Areas

Management teams need specialized data analytics resources.  Those resources need to a deep understanding of more than data analytics to be an effective team member in today’s multi-disciplinary business environment.  Successful data analytics projects include the application of strategic direction, intentional leadership, project management techniques, information systems knowledge, and a risk perspective.  Gradient can bring the experience and skills to support your team’s data analysis needs by combining deep business experience with a love of data analytics.

Analysis of key revenue areas

Completeness and accuracy of data in operational and financial areas

ERP data analytics during system migrations or implementations

Outflow data analytics including payroll, disbursements, vendors, and human resources

Targeted data analysis projects around risk, fraud, and internal controls

Procurement and purchasing card analytics

Operational analytics using visual data analytics approaches

Other areas based on the need and imagination of the management team