Lorie Lankford
Senior Consultant - Gradient Solutions Corporation

Work Style

I have been described as a caring person and a good listener. The thing that gets me jazzed to go to work is helping others improve their processes and sharing the lessons I have learned throughout my career. I like to share experiences of mistakes I have made, how I fixed them, and how I learned to avoid them in the future. More is expected from financial officers every year. Collaboration is a necessity to keep up with the requirements of the job.

What attracted you to Gradient?

Gradient provides the opportunity to work with clients of many sizes who have interesting needs. As a past client of Gradient, I appreciated their attention to the needs of their clients and the collaborative conversations that we had to accomplish the goals of my organization.


I have worked in the local government sector for over 25 years and served citizens in small to mid-sized cities. I started as a staff accountant and grew into a Finance Director. I’ve lived and breathed the yearly financial cycle, from budgeting, financial reporting, to year end close.  I retired in 2021 and began working with cities on special projects, audits, and process improvement and development.


I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accounting from Texas State University. I earned the designation of Certified Government Finance Officer with GFOAT.